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NEEF has been setup as a Foundation with a mission to become the premier national institution for contributing to, and facilitating socio-economic development in various sectors of Pakistan. The goal is to create and execute an enabling framework that is based upon the principles of transparency, fairness and ultimately improving the productivity of public and private sector organizations.

We, at NEEF, pride ourselves in our specialized ability to undertake tasks that are specific to the needs of our clients and aim at formulating, executing, and/or improving upon, the key processes that are aligned with organizations' objectives. Our key competitive advantage is following a client-need-based approach and ensuring a realistic approach in line with the best international standards. NEEF is equipped with all requisite technical and logistical structure to deliver top quality output.

While NEEF has a diversified portfolio of services, we have already achieved significant success in the fields of education, health, agriculture and other corresponding areas providing citizen-centric services. The organization also offers consulting services within the arena of HR capacity building, infrastructure and social development, financial management and technology management. Some very accomplished individuals are associated with the NEEF consulting wing.


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